June Sample Pack

June Sample Pack

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Are you curious about our products, but want to try before you buy?


Every second month we release a limited number of $15 Sample Packs with seasonally inspired products that you can take for a test drive before committing to a full new skincare routine.


Yay! A brand new Sample Pack with some of our favorite things!

This is your chance to try out 9 of our products in a smaller test-sized application.

There are 30 Sample Packs up for grabs, and shipping/pickup is Wednesday June 10th. You'll get an email that day with either your tracking number (if you select shipping in the checkout) or an email with no-contact pickup instructions (if you select pickup in the checkout) and directions to our farm in Coxheath. the good stuff!

In our June Sample Pack you'll get to try:

Naked Soap: the easiest way to wash your face with no additives like color or fragrance, just a skin-loving cleanser.

Whipped Sugar Scrub: a deep exfoliation for your face + entire body. It digs deep, locks in the debris, moisturizes and leaves your skin baby soft.

ReSolution Oil: our favorite bedtime serum that helps your skin repair the stresses of the day. Also helps speed up healing of minor scrapes, irritations and calms those itchy bug bites too.

Liquid Facelift: the magic birthday eraser for plumping fine lines and enhancing your dewy complexion. 

Complex Shine Luminous Skin Elixir: a vitamin C skin food for liquid exfoliation, balancing oil production, combating angry skin and diminishing skin discoloration and scars.

Airbrush Creme: this is our Grit + Grace version of a super moisturizing color correcting foundation. No thick makeup to worry about matching skin tone, just a blurred effect and clean base to let your natural beauty shine through.

Airbrush Powder: a color correcting loose powder for sealing in your makeup, reducing oil + shine and enhancing your best features. 

You Glow Girl Creme Highlighter: a little shimmer and spotlight for your gorgeous cheekbones, the arch of your eyebrows, and any other body part that you want to show off.

Plant-Based Aluminum-Free Deodorant: we continue to put this clean deodorant through the toughest tests and it still comes out smelling fresh and feeling light and airy.


We're also going to give you a Discount Code worth $15 on your next order of $30+!!

We hope you love all of our featured products in our June Sample Pack!