SOLD OUT☆July Beauty Bag☆
SOLD OUT☆July Beauty Bag☆

SOLD OUT☆July Beauty Bag☆

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Every second month we release a Beauty Bag that contains a big discount on your favorite skincare.


This month we are featuring a handcrafted mala bracelet made by Perfect Vibe another Cape Breton business woman that is going to bring you all the right energy to keep you balanced and grounded.


Enjoy a 40% SAVINGS and a discount code worth $25 on your next order of $50+.



In the July Beauty Bag you get:

Luxury Hand + Body Lotion (You choose the scent, see description below) $24.95

A silky-smooth lightweight moisturizer to help feed and nurture your skin.


ReSolution Oil (you choose the scent, see descriptions below) $24.95

Our favorite bedtime serum for your clean face. It comes in a roller-ball tube for easy application. Simply apply to your skin and gently massage it in. It will repair while you sleep.

(Occasionally the first roll needs and extra bit of downward pressure to get it started, then it should glide freely)

ALSO!! Don't forget to apply it to itchy bug bites and slight skin irritations too to speed up healing.


2 Naked Handmade Soap Bars  $7.95 each


Our favorite clean soap, use it daily for a flawless complexion. No color, no additives, no scent, just good lather and hydration.

Chin Up Firming Moisturizer $34.95

Originally created as a tightening cream for your jowls, neck and chest area with a light happy-boosting scent.

But you don't need to stop there, apply to any areas of loose or crepe skin, deep creases and cellulite for a boost of firming hydration.

Handcrafted Wooden Soap Dish  $6.50

An easy solution for keeping your Handmade Soap Bars lasting as long as possible. The soap dish allows your soap to dry out between uses.

And our Added Featured this month:

Perfect Vibe Jewelry, created by Diane Ernst, features, ‘mala inspired’ bracelets and mala necklaces. Fours years ago, in a search for healing alternatives to help with physical and emotional issues, Diane discovered the power of reciting mantras/intentions to help create a positive, healthy mindset for herself. Later she discovered the benefits and healing energy of gemstones. Wanting something that combined these two elements that could be worn on the wrist, Diane created her first bracelet which lead to the beginning of Perfect Vibe Jewelry. Diane hand knots each bead in place to bind the intentions and energy to give each piece a blend of positive energy and perfect vibes.

In this offering, Diane has created a Chakra bracelet made with 7 healing gemstone beads and rudraksha seed beads that will support the energy centers in your body, chakra and bead information and a mantra to help balance your energy. Diane has also enclosed a 15% off coupon to be used for one of her 14 bracelets or Malas from the Perfect Vibe collection.


As always we offer Beauty Bags at 40% off our regular retail price.


PLUS you'll receive a discount code worth $25 on any future purchases of $50+.


There are only 30 July Beauty Bags available. You can preorder until they sell out.


Shipping and pickup will be available on Tuesday July 21st. You'll receive a tracking number when it ships, or if you've selected pickup in the checkout you will get an email with instructions for pickup in Coxheath that day.


If you order additional items with your Beauty Bag everything will ship together on July 21st.


Your scent options for Luxury Hand + Body Lotion and ReSolution Oil:

Luscious Lucy feels like dessert. It's creme brulee with extra whipped cream. Hints of dark chocolate, vanilla and sugar make your mouth water.

Goal Getter begins with fun sweet notes of raspberry, cotton candy and strawberry. Followed by undertones of deep musk, sensual amber and fresh earthy nature.

Wanderlust wakes up your senses with it's citrus blend of grapefruit, blood orange and lime. The jasmine and melon notes balance this scent perfectly.

Beach Please scent will remind you of everything Summer. Sunscreen, fresh cut grass, sipping mimosas by the lazy and peaceful.

Hot Mess smells just like a deliciously fat and squishy cinnamon roll smothered in rich buttercream frosting.