Independent Sales Consultant Policies and Procedures

Grit + Grace Skincare

Published April 10th, 2019 Policies and Procedures for Grit + Grace Skincare Independent Consultants (Canada) 

It is your responsibility to read, understand, and adhere to the Agreement or any other updated agreement versions that arise. 
The Policies and Procedures are here to explain and define the relationship that exists between you (as an Independent Grit + Grace Skincare Consultant) and Grit + Grace Skincare as a whole to explain and define a standard for acceptable business conduct. By signing the Agreement, you are required to comply with all of its Terms and Conditions with these Policies and Procedures, and with all provincial, federal, and local laws governing your Grit + Grace Skincare business and conduct. 
Should you have any further questions we recommend that you contact us before signing the agreement. 
Grit + Grace Skincare reserves the right to update or change the Agreement and or its Compensation Plan, including these Policies and Procedures. When you sign this agreement you are accepting the above stated. This also applies should you accept commission- this is yourself as a consultant accepting the changes made to our policies.

Grit + Grace Skincare is not responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control such as labor strikes, difficulties, riot war, fire, natural disasters, death, curtailment of a party's source of supply, or government decrees or order. 
Should Grit + Grace Skincare come to find out that you are not adhering to the policies  or procedures outlined in this agreement- You will receive one warning following by a three day period to fix the issue at hand. Should the issue not be resolved Grit + Grace Skincare reserves the right to terminate you as an Independent Consultant. 
Joining our Grit + Grace Skincare team and becoming an Independent Consultant Requirements:

1) Be 19 years or older

2) Reside in Canada

3) Have a valid Social Insurance Number

4) Purchase a Grit + Grace Skincare Registration and Consultant Kit

5) Read and agree to Grit +Grace Skincare Company's Statement of Policies and Procedures

6) Submit a properly completed Consultant Application and Agreement to Grit + Grace Skincare

7) Have a valid bank account with the ability to accept etransfer payment.
You must complete Grit + Grace Skincare Consultant Agreement and agree to all the terms. Please make sure you have carefully read over all the documents provided before signing. (This will be emailed to you)
You must be a legal resident of Canada, if you are not a permanent resident you must be legally authorized to work in Canada in order to enroll as a Grit + Grace Skincare Independent Consultant. 
During the enrollment process, we require your Social Insurance Number. Grit + Grace Skincare is required by law to report individuals we pay commission to when we submit taxes. 

When you decide what level you are joining and you place your order for your Independent Consultant Sales Kit, you will be directed to our Independent Consultant signup. You will receive your Independent Consultant website link that will track your sales and commission. You may begin to sell right away, even before your Independent Sales Consultant Kit arrives.

A team member will then send you an email that begins your Product and Sales Training. 

Training is ongoing, as we are always adding new product to our inventory. We will include you in our private Facebook training group where we share news, promotions, incentives, giveaways and bonuses.
We pay commission weekly through etransfer, please make sure you have a valid bank account.

As an Independent Sales Consultant of Grit + Grace Skincare you are considered self employed and solely responsible for paying taxes. Please find the appropriate professionals to help you with your financial and business questions.
While we provide ongoing support, training and incentives, your success and an Independent Sales Consultant with Grit + Grace Skincare is completely up to you. 

A minimum of $100 in sales (before shipping and taxes) is required every calendar month to stay active with Grit + Grace Skincare as an Independent Sales Consultant. This can be either personal orders, customer orders, or a combination of the two. 

You may not solicit, hire or offer employment or extra compensation to any other Independent Sales Consultant of Grit + Grace Skincare. Absolutely no cross recruiting.
There are no exclusive territories granted to anyone for selling, recruiting or marketing. 
You may not alter, remove or change any type of Grit + Grace Skincare product packaging or labeling.  You may however add a personalized sticker or business card to the order or company provided sample to let customers know where to repurchase items. You must always sell Grit + Grace Skincare products in their original packages. Absolutely no repackaging is permitted. Tampering with labels may result in criminal charges as well as immediate termination of your Grit + Grace Skincare Independent Consultant Agreement. 
Any claims that are not listed in our product description or on the Independent Consultants Team Page are prohibited. No health, medical, financial or non-compliant claims are permitted. Opinions are always welcomed and allowed as well as posting testimonials from customers. 
You may only sell Grit + Grace Skincare products within Canada. If and when other countries are opened up for business, we will offer training at that time.
By entering into this agreement with Grit + Grace Skincare you are authorizing the following: 

Allowing Grit + Grace Skincare to use testimonials, advertising or promotional products/materials with no remuneration paid.  

Authorizing the use of any photographs or videos with the possibility for Grit + Grace Skincare to reproduce any and all photos or videos supplied or taken to Grit + Grace Skincare.

Consent to the usage or reproduction of any quotes, stories, conversations on social media without remuneration.  

You agree not to post any negative comments that could defame or harm Grit + Grace Skincare as a business online including but not limited to personal profiles, blogs and private emails for the duration of your independent contract with Grit + Grace Skincare as well as the following two years after termination of your contract with Grit + Grace Skincare.

You agree that you are not permitted to sell or make any similar Grit + Grace Skincare products following two years after the termination of your contract with Grit + Grace Skincare. This also includes the duration of your contact with Grit + Grace Skincare.
Sales tools, personal promotions or artwork must be approved by Grit + Grace Skincare before posting online, attending vendor events, or on your own personal website. You must receive an email with approval for this artwork or an okay from an admin on our team page.  

We do not allow spamming of any sort to people you do not know. This includes fax, email, text, direct messaging, social media, telephone conversations or leaving voicemails. It is your sole responsibility to never lie about products or product claims . If you are seen misleading customers or being deceptive- you will receive one warning to stop. If this behavior does not stop your account will then be terminated with Grit + Grace Skincare.
Should you choose to create a social media page or website for your business note that you are not allowed to register Grit + Grace Skincare or any trademarks, product names or any type of derivative to Grit + Grace Skincare. This includes email addresses, online names or anything that could confuse a customer into thinking that you are affiliated with head office or corporate as an employee. 
You are not to sell products on online auctions including but not limited to ebay, Amazon online, Facebook auction groups. You may not sell Grit + Grace Skincare products on any online retail store or ecommerce website besides our website with your link. You are however free to place advertisements to advertise your business. Each advertisement must send a link to your business page, group page or affiliate link.
We encourage the use of networking sites to advertise and create awareness of our products and your business. These sites may not be used to sell or offer specific products directly on the platform, except through your affiliate link.
Commission are paid weekly through PayPal, and bulk orders must be sent through email to receive your discount. You will be invoiced when the order is ready to ship, and will be shipped upon receiving payment.

Each level has specific sales requirements. Once you have leveled up in status you will never be demoted.  Your personal sales commission amount will always stay the same unless you level up to another status. 
You are permitted to take any form of payment from a customer for bulk orders. You may not offer a lower price than what our corporate office has set as the retail price.

By reading/signing this agreement with Grit + Grace Skincare you are hereby agreeing to release, hold harmless Grit + Grace Skincare, discharge, hold harmless anyone directly affiliated with Grit + Grace Skincare (employees, board members, office members) from any loss or damages. This includes but is not limited to costs or fees incurred or suffered by you as a result of any type of breach of the Grit + Grace Skincare Independent Consultant agreement which includes our policies and procedures as well as compensation chart. This also includes any improper operation of your Grit + Grace Skincare Independent Consultant business or related activities. 
I understand that by electronically signing this agreement or reading a revision uploaded to the Grit + Grace Skincare training page that I am in full agreement and accordance of the entirety of the Grit + Grace Skincare Policies and Procedures Agreement, Current Compensation Chart, and Independent Consultant Agreement. I understand that my account will be terminated immediately should I not carry out these procedures and policies without notice or remuneration of any monies owing. I also agree that by electronically signing this contractual agreement that I am now legally binded into a contract with Grit + Grace Skincare.