Winter Sample Packs

Winter Sample Packs

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Are you curious about our products, but want to try before you buy?


Every second month we release a limited number of $15 Sample Packs with seasonally inspired products that you can take for a test drive before committing to a full new skincare regime.


In our new Winter Sample Pack we are proud to share the following test sized products:


Naked Soap- simple, clean skin conditioning cleanser made with your sensitive face in mind. It contains naturally occurring glycerin to continuously hydrate without clogging your pores or stripping away the moisture that your thirsty skin needs.

Feeling Fresh Plant-Based Aluminum-Free Deodorant- the confidence you need to feel and smell fresh all day long. We love the yummy fragrance and the security of knowing that this stick can deal with your toughest days. You've got enough things to worry about, your freshness shouldn't be one of them.

Babyface Steamer/Toner- this multipurpose little puck is dropped in 1/3 cup of hot water to release it's effervescent magic and steam all of the build up out of your pores. Then, once cooled, simply store your steamer water to use for the next week as a refreshing toner.

Babyface Face Mask- everything feels better with a face mask and this one is a tingly menthol treat for your skin and your peace of mind. The essential oils will relax and soothe while the clay mask does all the hard work restoring your skin back to it's manufacturer settings.

ReSolution Oil- lady...if you have not treated your skin to this miracle oil, you have no idea what you're missing! This carefully blended mixture of love and oils and vitamin e encourages healing and hydration. Use it on your face at bedtime to assist in repair and rejuvenation. It can also be used to promote healing of dehydrated cuticles, dry patches of skin and on minor scratches, bug bites and irritation, massage into eyebrows to stimulate regrowth and reshaping, or use after waxing or other methods of hair removal to soothe and soften newly exposed skin.

Liquid Facelift- this yummy face serum is meant for plumping, hydrating and ironing out birthdays. A few drops on a freshly washed face once or twice a day is all it takes. You'll instantly love the way it feels, and over the next 8 weeks you'll be obsessed with the healthy younger appearance of your skin.

Complex Shine Luminous Skin Elixir- this vitamin c serum can be used in synergy with and before or after the Liquid Facelift to even skin tone, reduce discoloration + scars, combat environmental stress, balance oil production and even skin tone. 

Hydrating Face Cream- a simple every day or night moisturizer that plumps, hydrates and protects and seals in the effects of your serums. It's non-greasy formula will not clog pores and can be worn under your make up as a smooth primer.

Chin Up Firming Moisturizer- made especially to combat signs of aging for your chin, neck + chest areas but you don't need to stop there! If you are self conscious about any body areas that have loose skin and a loss of elasticity, apply a daily thin layer of Chin Up to restore tightening and youthfulness daily over an 8-10 week period.


And you also get a $15 coupon code to use on your next order of $30+.


There are only 30 Sample Packs up for grabs this time. Once they are gone, they're gone!


Shipping/Pickup is Wednesday January 29th.