Age Defying Trio

Age Defying Trio

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We've bundled together your favorite everyday age softening routine for a huge 25% savings for you!

You get:

❤Hydrating Face Cream

❤Liquid Facelift

❤ReSolution Oil


Here's how to get the best results:



Our simple morning routine helps to minimize and protect your skin from environmental stresses, and hold in hydration levels.

After washing your face (we recommend our Naked Bar soap), squeeze out a drop or two of Liquid Facelift and dab gently into any lines or dry spots. Finish with a thin layer of Hydrating Face Cream (don't forget your neck!).

You can apply makeup now if you choose.


Before Bed:

Your skin goes into repair mode at night, our routine is perfect for adding in a boost of hydration, minerals, vitamins and peptides to help renew your skin's suppleness, elasticity and appearance. 

Wash your face, layer Liquid Facelift, then ReSolution Oil followed by Hydrating Face Cream. 



You can select the scent for your ReSolution Oil and Hydrating Face Cream. Our Liquid Facelift  comes in one scent only.


Luscious Lucy feels like dessert. It's creme brulee with extra whipped cream. Hints of dark chocolate, vanilla and sugar make your mouth water.

Goal Getter begins with fun sweet notes of raspberry, cotton candy and strawberry. Followed by undertones of deep musk, sensual amber and fresh earthy nature.

Wanderlust wakes up your senses with it's citrus blend of grapefruit, blood orange and lime. The jasmine and melon notes balance this scent perfectly.

Beach Please scent will remind you of everything Summer. Sunscreen, fresh cut grass, sipping mimosas by the lazy and peaceful.

Hot Mess smells just like a deliciously fat and squishy cinnamon roll smothered in rich buttercream frosting. 

This trio should last you approximately 8 weeks!